These are a few of my favourite things

Outboard Gear

Focal Professional
Beryllium series.

I love these speakers. Their flat response makes them so revealing and allows me to hear things I haven't heard with other speakers. From this I'm able to make crucial adjustments I know will translate the way I intend into the real world and other playback systems. Focal Professional Division have been designing and manufacturing speakers & their related amplifiers from the ground up, longer than some of us have been around.

Tannoy Monitors, Triangle Speakers &
Avantone Cubes.

Great extra reference speakers to quickly hear how the songs translate onto other systems.
i.e. computer speakers, mp3 players etc.and HiFi systems.

Tonelux Equalizers.

Pultec Style
Program Tube Equalizers.

These little babies are so musical. Four bands of fully sweepable EQ with a frequency range from 21 kHz all the way down to 16 Hz. These have the good fat (you know, fish oil & avocado). They give me the ability to clean up, shape or add beautiful tone to your songs. I would definitely take these on a deserted island with me (and a few bottles of good red wine!!) These EQs come from the legendary audio designer & engineer Paul Wolff (Paul was also the former owner, designer & engineer of the famous and well respected API products).

These have been spec'd up for mastering, including Telefunken tubes & gain adjustment on the output stage, so the units can by calibrated to each other allowing matched outputs. Running music through the transformers & tubes of these units, even with the EQ section switched out, gives a magical smooth vibrance!

Crane Song HEDD19 A-D-A Converters.

Word Clock.
Tape Compression & Tube Exciters

Crane Song are renowned for their extremely high quality converters, which this unit has. What it also has is tape & tube emulation that I think is unrivaled. It has all the characteristic sounds of tape, without the problems associated with tape. American mastering guru & audio professional of more than 30 years Bob Katz, says this about the Crane Song - "Comparing the analogue tape version to the Crane Song version is like comparing two fine wines. They both have body, they taste only slightly different but both have good blush & bloom. I will go out on a limb to say that the Crane Song HEDD 192 has truly nailed analogue tape simulation." End quote.


Joe Meek SC3 Mastering Compressor

Made in England with modifications by Joe Meeks' designer & founder Ted Fletcher. This classic vintage box glues all the different instruments in your songs together, making it all so smooth. It's ability to fatten up a weak bass, or bring forward a vocal or snare drum, is truly amazing! To visualise its sound, picture silk & chocolate! It has the ability to be transparent, or turn it up for dark chocolate!


SPL Vitalizer
Stereo mk2
(Stereo Expander)

The stereo expander side of this unit is a killer. Used subtly, its ability to spread the stereo spectrum of a song without causing phasing issues is amazing. Fantastic for creating a little more space in a song, or opening it right up beyond the speakers.



Digital Mastering Tools
DSP Quattro.
Logic Pro X.
Abbey Road Mastering Chain.
Abbey Road R56 Passive EQ.
HOFA DDP Player.
SSL Eq's & Compressors.
Comp 670 Compressors.
API Equalizers.
API Compressor.
To name a few!

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