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Ross McMahon
I had just finished getting my debut song mixed and thought it sounded great, then I sent it to James at Masterlux and what an amazing difference mastering makes!! James was so easy to work with and took the time and care to produce a full and dynamic sound. He has a great ear and attention to detail. I never would have imagined my song 'The only one' would have sounded so good! Thanks again James.

Alastair Leonard
I’m lucky I found James (via an APRA/AMCOS recommendation) to master my latest EP at Masterlux Mastering. James is friendly, a good communicator and spent time with each song to deliver masters that were nicely glued and expertly balanced. His feedback on the recording and mixing process was an invaluable education and allowed me to tweak any issues in my mixes before he spun his magic. He has a deep knowledge of music and sound engineering and takes the time to explain what he’s done during the mastering process. If you’re looking for a mastering engineer who will deliver professional masters and amiably guide you through the process, James is your guy. -Alastair Leonard

Lisa Vivian
What a journey! 20 years over night it only took me! I definitely took the scenic route… I’ve finally finished the writing of my very first EP and it’s been recorded and Produced by Andy Mcgarvie. Just got back the tracks today that were mastered by James Vincent at Masterlux Mastering. All systems go!! Thankyou James for the care you’ve taken, and for imparting your soul into every track. You walked me through each step without a hassle, and explained things on a level that I understood. I appreciate all the effort and your exceptional ears! You too Andy. The recording and amazing slide guitar, drums and electric guitars. Big Thankyou goes out to Owen Rss too for his amazing bass. Caleb Josè, lending his soulful voice on a few tracks and his beautiful guitar playing. Branden for the piano licks, Thankyou. Masterlux Mastering will definitely be getting my business again 🎼🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶

Mandy Joy
Masterlux was recommended to me from a friend (Katie Brown) really happy with this service after mastering her first single. My first EP was produced by a friend, so I didn’t work directly with James but was really happy with the final result. Which led me to 2022 - when I started producing my own music. I brought my first original song to James - loved the Mastered result he produced - and I’m no idiot - so I kept coming back!!! James has made every one of my songs sound professional. I’ve had no issues with releases & they are on all online music platforms - as everything is set and ready to go once he has put his touch on them. James has become an incredible asset to me going forward and getting better with every song release. Not only mastering my songs and giving them the ‘ummph’ they need - but also guiding me on what equipment would improve my mixes and production (& none of this is sold through him - so it’s all for my benefit - not his!) His recommendations have been incredibly valuable. I’d recommend Masterlux /James Vincent to anyone out there needing to get their music mastered for release. I’ll be sticking with Masterlux myself, cause once I find a good service like this - why go somewhere else !!! If your reading this - I personally guarantee James Vincent is the LEGEND you’re looking for — for Master(lux)ing your music!!! Mandy Joy

Cam Macintosh, Bluefox J
We’re rapt at our decision to entrust the mastering of our second EP, That Sky, to James at Masterlux. James’ work added dynamism, clarity and cohesion to each of the tracks, even enhancing the timbres of sampled instruments. He made each of our tracks so much more expansive and cinematic than we could’ve imagined. There’s a lot to be said for deploying a mastering engineer who is also a working musician – the depth of musical understanding and technical know-how James brings to the table is a powerful combination. James was very generous with tips and advice too. Much looking forward to working with him on future projects.

Katie Brown
I recently released my first single mastered by James Vincent from Masterlux. This was the first song I have ever had mastered and my knowledge of this production stage was quite basic. James took me through the process with great care, making sure I was always aware of what he was doing. He made sure he worked in line with my vision for the song. He gave me some great advice on lots of music aspects e.g. technical, mixing and of course mastering. He was very kind, honest and easy to work with. I am very happy with the end project.

Huw Hayman Zumpe
James added clarity to my tracks, smoothly enhanced the high frequencies in a way I didn't know was possible, and imparted a natural sounding three dimensionality to the recordings, which emphasised the feeling of live performance. We had an easy and in-depth exchange throughout the whole process and the end product was excellent. I plan to have my future work mastered by Masterlux as well.

James Gregory
James Vincent did some mastering for me just recently and once again I was very impressed with his work. In fact, all three of my current albums were sent to James Vincent by my main mixer Ian Pav at Pavmusic Productions. All of which have exceeded my expectations. James Vincent is professional, intuitive, follows artistic direction and most of all, his mastering work is excellent. I highly recommend Masterlux Mastering to any musician or band.... James Gregory Instrumentalist and Songwriter

Emilie Haines/Scott Hayward
I used James Vincent at Masterlux for the mastering of Emilie Haines’ Middle Ground EP. The songs were recorded in my barn studio and were quite varied in sonic qualities and styles. James’ final master really tied them together with a consistent ‘album’ feel while still retaining (and occasionally taming) the live qualities of my studio spaces. He was a great communicator during the preparation and submission of files and the mastering process, all the while working toward my vision of how the mastered EP should sound. I highly recommend Masterlux.... Scott Hayward

Grace Maddern/Geoff Maddern
I recently enlisted the services of James at Masterlux. Happy with the mix from the recording studio, I was confident the end result would be great. What I didn’t know was how much better James would make it. I was thrilled with the improvement! The instruments all found definition and separation and the vocals found breath and space that was at best murky by comparison. Listening back to the pre vs post was like chalk and cheese. James completed the mastering in great time as well which I really appreciated! I don’t hesitate in recommending Masterlux and James to everyone I speak to....Geoff Maddern

Palorus Jack
After just completing the final mix of our album, we had the daunting task of deciding which way to go with having it mastered. We all knew how critical mastering was & how it would be the key component to making our album sound polished and professional. We decided not to hold back & sent a track to (lets call them 'the big guns') in America for a trial Master. They sent back 2 different mastered versions of the same track. One mastered by their senior engineer, the other by an after hours (off peak) engineer. During this time we also spoke to a few industry people, asking them if they could recommend anyone locally. A few names popped up, including James Vincent from Masterlux Mastering. I gave James a call, and instantly felt at ease when discussing what we wanted to achieve with the overall ‘sound’ of the album. He was as every bit compassionate with how he would master the album, as we were with recording and mixing it. I sent him the same track that I sent to the USA & got him to master it, then compared them. I can honestly say that as good as the American version was, James was better! That was proof enough for me to decide to go with James to master the entire album. During the mastering process, James was vigilant with regular updates with how things were going, and was thorough with not only his attention to detail, but also understanding exactly what it was that we were aiming for with the overall ‘sound’. To put it in a nut shell, James and I seemed to be always on ‘the same page’ when discussing each song and the album as a whole. James demonstrated a comprehensive knowledge of mastering techniques and an intimate understanding of our music, successfully adding warmth, colour, detail, separation and dimension to each track, all of which were previously lacking. James mastered each song individually on its own merits yet was able to bring all the songs together, giving the album an overall 'cohesive sound’ as if the tracks had all been recorded together in the same big professional studio. He had transformed harsh sibilant highs into silky soft tones, added warmth to the dull mids and given ‘flabby’ lows the punch they deserved. The one dimensional home studio recording we handed him was successfully transformed into a punchy, warm, professionally sounding album we were all proud of! I would highly recommend James for any mastering projects.... Julian Hardy-Smith

James Gregory
Hi James, Just wanted to give a big thank you for your mastering services on my latest EP "Jamaica Sunrise" last week. Ian Pav did an amazing job on the mixing side of things, but your mastering gave it a wonderful sheen across the whole audio spectrum. You got the same volume level for all tracks nicely and the horn levels were tamed and controlled nicely also, which I really like. Thanks and hope to work with you and Ian again sometime in the future.... James Gregory.

Masterlux Mastering is proud to be associated with APRA in giving Australian artists a helping hand, through their member benifits.

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