About James Vincent

Having been in the music industry most of his life and working full time in it for over
22 years, James understands intimately what it takes for a song or album to be created.
From its conception as a few words or melody stuck in your head, through to the writing, performing, recording, mixing & mastering stages.

Having done all of these things himself for a good deal of his life & mastering since the mid 90’s, James has the ability, passion & ear to pick up on intricate detail, helping to bring out the very best in your music.

A short & true story about James
“Everything old is new again”

In my early teens I moved out of the family home & into the bungalow in the backyard (freedom at last). Complete with double bed, traffic light controller box and an old valve bakelite radio that was once my grandmother’s. I proceeded to cover every inch of the walls in posters of musicians (some in bikinis).

I stripped the guts out out of the traffic light controller box and wired the entire bungalow to it. An old turntable with a cellophane covered hat box placed on it, holes cut into the hat box and a lamp placed in the middle, created psychedelic lighting over the walls at night, whilst I listened to the bakelite radio (also wired to the controller box).

The old radio didn’t have a built in aerial, so I wired one up and attached it to the roof of the bungalow. Now I was picking up stations world wide! (Or it might have just been Carlton!) The tubes created a soft warm glow through the cloth grill on the front – Magic!

My parents bought a new radio (Akai I think). It had a cassette player, a telescopic aerial, it even had TWO speakers. I used it occasionally and wanted to love it but it just didn’t sound like my old bakelite.

I was writing songs by the age of 11, learned to play guitar & was playing in hotels by 14. I saved all my pocket money and bought a Gibson copy, ripped out the pick ups and rewired it with DiMarzio’s. A few years on - my band’s road crew became friends. Some were doing audio engineering courses and would get us into the recording studios after hours and practice their craft on our band. I was hooked! How could I fit an SSL console into the bungalow? I settled on a 4 track portastudio, took a course in Audio Engineering, also completed a course in Electrical Technology at R.M.I.T. (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) & continued to create and explore music & tone!

Skip forward a decade. I met a beautiful singer & guitarist named Lyn, formed a duo and we hit the road to make beautiful music together throughout Victoria & NSW.
All the while honing my craft, writing & recording albums & jingles, working as a sound engineer and music producer. (By the way, I married Lyn, had 2 beautiful children and we still perform together. I know you’re not supposed to marry the singer, I did—but so did she !! )

I started what was probably one of  the early fully digital & computer based mastering suites in Melbourne – Whitewater Productions. It had a super fast Pentium 1 computer running Windows 95, with a multiwave digital I/O card, a huge 17” monitor (unheard of) and what was probably one of the first versions of Sonic Foundry Sound Forge. (Now owned by Sony and still a fantastic editing program). Blank CDs had just dropped in price from $32 each to $27 each.

Next came State of the Art Mastering. Fitted out with analogue & digital  mastering equipment. Multimedia CDs and live albums were the flavour there.
In 2002 we built a new room “The Bent Shed”- a lesson or two hundred in the acoustic treatment of a virtually totally sound proof & tone adjusted room, with no daylight to be seen (I shudder!) A very productive room none the less.

Nina1__267_x_300_.jpgAll the while striving in my quest for ultimate tone. That bakelite radio still glowing in my mind.
Found some time to work as an audio consultant in secondary schools, teaching them how to set up & use computer software and hardware for music production.

In 2007 picked up the whole clan, equipment & dog, shifted down to the Mornington  Peninsula (heaven on earth).
Here we are.
Masterlux Mastering ----- Tone Town!
Like that bakelite radio, smooth, warm, clear & glowing!

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"If it sounds good - it is good! Duke Ellington"

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