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Only a little over an hour from the Melbourne CBD, along the Mornington Peninsula, lives Masterlux Mastering and its owner operator James Vincent.

An acoustically tuned room nestled amongst the tea trees of Rye Beach and only 500 metres from ocean beaches, itís only minutes away from some of the worlds best coffee, cake and lunches.

Thatís temptation No. 1.

Temptation No. 2 Ė Jamesí ears & equipment.
The studio has a relaxed and retro vibe to it, with views of surrounding tea trees and vast skies. Itís the perfect place to get out of the rat race, relax and let James perform some magic on your music.

Or if you prefer, you can just upload your songs, or post out a disc or USB stick and James can master them & return them as soon as they're done!

About Mastering

Mastering is the final stage of fine tuning all your hard work. Getting all the levels and tone of your songs matched, adjusting fade ins & outs. Overall volume raised without sounding squashed to death and putting energy, tone, warmth and clarity back into your music.

This can be achieved by putting your music through a chain of high quality analogue and digital mastering equipment, such as digital to analogue converters, compressors, equalizers, stereo expanders, tape compression, tube excitement and limiters.

Sounds like a lot of stuff but donít be frightened, not all of these need to be used at once. Some songs may only require a couple of processing tools used very lightly, others might need a bit more of a helping hand.

Each song is listened to individually and massaged into shape gently, bringing out its very best sonic quality. Your music is listened to through high quality and very revealing monitors & ears! Songs are compiled into the right order, tracks are PQ encoded and a Red Book Standard PMCD Master with track listings & times sheet is supplied ready for your pressing house.

The end result being a professionally finished or polished sounding album or songs, that sounds great on all different kinds of playback systems. i.e. car stereo, mp3 players, hi fi system, internet streaming, vinyl records etc. Keep in mind that most of the albums or songs you listen too have been mastered. More often than not, there is an extreme difference in the sonic quality of songs that have been mastered, to those that have not.

And if youíre sitting in on the mastering session, remember you can take a break and walk to one of the beautiful beaches close by, whilst James is tweaking & fine tuning.
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"Masterlux uses Green Energy!"

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